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Their forthcoming EP, to be released in fall 2020, features five tracks:



Silver Moon


Shine On

Richly textured and hypnotic, Silver Moon shimmers with lines like “As twilight fades, we lie waiting in the night; bathed in love and now bathed in shining light…”

Two of the tracks, Shine on and Climbing, are built around rhythmic guitar grooves, bending into the realm of pop.

Hemlock and Citrine evoke a sense of otherworld-ness: “There is no home – just here ever after. No ever after, no tears only laughter, and no fear, just Hemlock at the top of this tower, with a big clock counting off the top of each hour. I am the queen of this chessboard but the bishops are serpents…”

“Citrine wakes the sunrise – dance of the morning light, chasing fireflies into the sky. Sapphire rules the darkness from this moonlit stage, throwing kisses, dropping wishes into space, dark and distant…”

Featuring songwriters, vocalists, and guitarists Kathleen and Billy Jones, with Mark Foerster on bass, Martin Poole on drums, and James Woodward on lead guitar, the Innocence recorded and performed throughout northern Colorado.
Joseph Hutchinson wrote this about the band in Scene Magazine:

“Walking into the Inlet Bay, I was stopped dead by a five member band headed by a slim blonde thumping a bright red, 3 foot conga. For a second I thought I’d walked into a San Francisco coffee house from 1966. It turned out to be the debut of a the new local band, the Innocence, and I predict all fans of the Colorado Sound will be as happy with their earth-loving, almost Donovan-esque attitude as I was.”

Songs performed by the Innocence:

If You Were Free

Stone Flowers

Santa Fe

Your Freedom is Sacred


The Band


What I want in music: songs that breathe… that have a pulse… Emotional intensity… The co-mingling of softness and edge…

As a songwriter, I’m inspired and imprinted by the music of the late sixties/early seventies, by psychedelic rock, by Led Zeppelin and Steppenwolf, and by the album Tusk by Fleetwood Mac.

The creative process captures something within one’s self that is conveyed and then experienced by another, like the light transmitted from a distant star. My wish is that these songs might shine within you and intensify your own light; that they might inspire the creativity within you.

May you be bathed in light,

Song Excerpts


“I read the tea leaves in my cup,
They told me I’d fall down, but I’d get back up.
They said everything would be alright;
My stars are aligned and my future is bright.
Running down the road now I can’t wait,
My fortune is calling and so is my fate.
I will find the sunshine – behind this cloud of mine.”


“We live our lives of desperation,
Waiting at the station.
I’ll see you at the end of time.
Stone flowers never die,
They never grow, they’re frozen in time.
I know they’re out somewhere;
I know you’re out there too
With stone flowers around you.”


“The floor is pulsing, my hair drips onto your face.
You sound sleeping, sound is sweeping through this space.
As twilight’s fading, we lie waiting in the night;
Bathed in love, and now we’re bathed in shining light.
Silver moon, diamond star – you light up my heart.”